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ARX1200T3 Rebuilt Jet Pump

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Honda Aquatrax ARX1200 Non-Turbo Series Jet Pump Rebuild Service

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MSRP: $771.82 $499.00

Honda ARX1200 Non-Turbo Series jet pump/water stator rebuild service for F12 and R12. This is a service and requires a core, or an additional charge will be needed to cover the loss of the core parts.

This water stator rebuild service is for the following Honda Aquatrax Models:

2002, 2003, 2004 ARX1200N3 F12

2004, 2005, 2006 ARX1200N2 R12

The prices shown in the options include:

  • Labor for rebuilding jet pump/water stator

  • All parts and supplies listed in full description

  • Torqued to Factory specifications

  • Fully greased and ready to install


Please Read the Full Description if you have any questions as to what this service is!

All cores must be shipped to Jet Skis International before service begins unless you choose the option to "MAIL IN CORE AFTER REPAIR". We will refund your credit card the difference if we receive your core within 30 days of purchase!

Read our Core Policy Here>>> JSI Core Policy

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MSRP: $771.82 $499.00


Honda Aquatrax ARX1200 Non-Turbo Series Jet Pump Rebuild

Jet Skis International offers a jet pump rebuild service designed to save you time and money. The more hours you put on your PWC, the closer you are needing the Jet Pump rebuilt. The jet pumps on all personal watercraft will become worn out in time due to the constant high flow rate of water being forced through a small opening. The jet portion of your jet ski is similar to a CNC water jet cutting machine. The intake keeps out most of the large debris, but inevitably, enough fine material gets through to cause scaring and pitting of the jet pump housing, wear ring, and impeller.  This is normal wear and tear that makes it necessary to repair and replace these worn out parts. The Honda Aquatrax doesn't have a wear ring and Honda decided that Jet Pump Housing didn't sound like a good name either, so they called the jet pump housing a water stator(Definition:the stationary portion of an electric generator or motor, especially of an induction motor.) and made the aluminum thick enough to withstand the onslaught of  a waterjet for many hours. 

  How often you rebuild your jet pump or water stator really depends on the riding environment. Salt or fresh, gravel or sand, limbs or leaves? All of these factors play a role in the longevity of the water stator. We typically see Honda Aquatrax jet skis needing a rebuild between 100 and 150 hours. But, that doesn't mean every single ski will get that kind of life. Do you repack the bearings every season? Do you check the water seal? When was the last time you took the cone off and packed grease in it? Most people will say never because they really just didn't know. And to have your jet ski serviced by a dealer can be very expensive.

 Our ARX1200 Non-Turbo Model Jet Pump Rebuild Service will not only save you money, buy cutting out the expense of all the necessary tools or visiting your local dealer. It will allow you some upgrade options that should still keep you under budget of dealer cost. With upgrades in mind, let's talk about impellers and the why an upgrade may give you better performance. 

 Honda Aquatrax OEM Impellers are aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal and will flex and bend under the pressure of the jet pump. I don't mean that it will bend like superman shoved it in his pocket, but it will flex enough that the pitch of the impeller will be changed. Every jet ski has an impeller fitted to it with a specific pitch, designed to give that particular model the desired performance that the manufacturer wanted. When the pitch is out of adjustment, your performance will be degraded. Other factors, like sucking beach sand and shells through the water stator can and will damage the impeller as well as causing a loss of performance when the surface area is bent, broken, cracked, or missing. It's going to get damaged eventually.  

 Under most circumstances we can remanufacture your Honda OEM impeller back to good as new. There are a few factors that make an impeller an anchor. Here is a list of things that will require you purchase a new impeller rather than get your remanufactured:

  1. Broken off blades.. Take it to the scrap yard or use it as an anchor.
  2. Internal thread damage.. Old props and impellers are great for decorating boat houses
  3. Broken Spline... Maybe you can put a bolt through it an use it as a windmill in the front yard

All of these conditions render your impeller useless.
Stainless Steel impellers are an upgrade option. We use Solas. We like Solas. They make good impellers. A stainless steel impeller is a much harder impeller than the aluminum OEM impeller. Stainless impellers don't have the flex that their aluminum counterparts do, and they aren't as susceptible to water jet  wear. Changing the impeller from aluminum to stainless is one of the first upgrades we see many of our friends and customers do. It's relatively inexpensive and restores and improves the performance that was lost due a worn out aluminum impeller.

Ready To Rebuild


 Here's how it works:

  1. Order the Jet Pump Rebuild Service of your choice.
  2. Mail us your old Jet Pump with all the parts, Impeller included. All you have to do is take it off and place it in a box.
  3. Once we receive your core jet pump/water stator, we will mail you the jet pump kit you ordered fully assembled!
  4. Install your fully assembled rebuilt jet pump.
  5. Go to lake, ocean, river, whatever body of water you choose.
  6. Ride Hard

Sounds easy right!

So what are you getting from our rebuilt jet pump service? Let's break it down.

First, this service is mainly dependent on you sending us your water stator/ jet pump as a core. We have options for those of you that don't want to pull the ski out of lake until you can do the complete job.

The following OEM parts are used to rebuild your Honda Aquatrax water stator/ jet pump:

  • 91253-HW1-680 Impeller Seal
  • 47112-HW1-670 Rubber, Joint
  • 41113-HW1-670 Rubber, Stopper
  • 91326-HW1-671 O-Ring 25.8 x 2.4
  • 41162-HW1-670 Collar, Impeller Shaft
  • 47206-HW1-671 O-Ring 164.7 x 3.5
  • 47201-HW1-671 Stator, Water
  • 47204-HW1-671 Filter, Cooling Water
  • 47205-HW1-671 Cap, Cooling Water
  • 91251-HW1-671 Seal A, Water 25x5x9
  • 91252-HW1-671 Seal B, Water 30x45x9
  • 91327-HW1-671 O-Ring 15.8x1.5
  • 91003-HW1-671 Bearing, Radial Ball Special 6305
  • 94510-25000 Circlip, Outer 25mm
  • 91004-HW1-671 Bearing, Radial Ball Special 6205
  • 91325-HW1-671 O-Ring 57.4x3.1
  • 58130-HW2-670 OEM Impeller

Total Cost of these part individually is $771.82

Our Brand New OEM Cost including labor(assembly) and shipping  $680.00


These Parts Are Reused From Your Jet Pump Core

When we recieve your core and disassemble the old parts, there are still a few pieces that can be reused. We have found that these parts very rarely get damaged and if we find yours to be unuseable, you will here from us before any other work takes place. So here is the list of parts that we can reuse:

  1. 47214-HW1-670 Cap, Stator
  2. 90103-HW1-671 Bolt, Socket 5x18
  3. 41161-HW1-670 Shaft, Impeller

Here's where we talk impeller! During a jet pump rebuild you have the option of:

  • Having your OEM Honda Impeller remanufactured (As long as it's not beyond repair. Like missing a blade or half a blade)
  • Purchase a brand "New" OEM Honda Aquatrax Impeller. In case your impeller is holding life jackets now
  • Brand New Solas Concord 17/29 Impeller designed for the Honda Aquatrax ARX1200

We have found this to be this most economical way our customers can get back on the water when their jet ski needs water stator repair. If you have any questions please contact us




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Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $771.82

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Honda Aquatrax ARX1200 Non-Turbo Series Jet Pump Rebuild Service