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Core Return Policy

Some of our services require that you send in your core unit for the work to be performed. A core is the used part from your jet ski that we are repairing, replacing or rebuilding.

In order for us to offer these services we must maintain an inventory of core parts to be rebuilt.

When you order a product that requires a core be returned you will have 2 options:

  1. Mail us your core when you place your order.
  2. Pay a core charge upfront and we will reimburse you when we recieve the core part.

If you decide to pay the core deposit, you will have 30 days to return the core to us in order to get a refund.

All cores must be reusable.

Impellers: must be able to rebuild. Broken splines will not be accepted as a core. Missing blades will not be accepted as a core. If the gears inside are stripped, it will not be accepted as a core.

Impeller Shaft: If it is damaged beyond use we cannot put it back on a jet pump assembly and you will be charged for a new one. This is uncommon but it does happen.

Bolts: If your bolts are broken off in the core unit, you will be charged for removal, new bolt or bolts, and possibly welding and rethreading fees.

Stator Cap: The stator cap must accompany your core unit or we will charge you for a new one. The stator cap must be re-useable

 Water Jet Stator: This applies only to the '05, '06 '07 F12 ARX1200N3; The water jet stator must be in re-usable condition. No broken off bolts, no cracked housing, no missing fins will be accepted.

If you have any doubts about your core we are here to help you. You can send us an email with pictures and we'll be glad to evaluate your situation before you mail it out.

You can use the Contact Us form or simply copy and paste our email at the top of this screen.



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