Honda Aquatrax Code 25

 Honda Aquatrax Code 25

Getting Code 25, Should I Replace My Knock Sensor?

  This is a relatively common question for Honda Aquatrax owners, due the fact that these jet skis are no longer in production and have aged 8-15 years.  The actual problem isn't always the knock sensor. It is very common in these older jet skis for the Honda ECM/PGM F1 to reach it's end of life expectancy. even though your Aquatrax may only have 100 hours or less. 


How can a jet ski with so few hours have a bad ECM?

Very easy actually. While you mau not have been riding your jet ski everyday, or every holiday even, your electrical system was still being powered by the battery. That means the entire your PWC was sitting in the garage, your ECM/PGM F1 was being being suppied voltage and was in a "ready" state. Patiently waiting for you tell it to "Run Forest, Run". The engine may only have 75 hours but the ECM/PGM F1  after just 8 years has clocked in a whopping  70,080 hours.


How Can I Diagnose Honda Code 25

 There are a couple ways to trouble shoot Code 25 for Honda Aquatrax. First, and probably the least expensive, is to swap out an ECM/PGM F1 from a working jet ski. Once you swap the ECM/PGM F1 you will know right away if the problem is your Knock sensor, or the ECM/PGM F1 itself. Ok, you installed the loaner ECM/PGM F1, now fire up the jet ski and see if the code has gone away. If the loaned ECM fixes your code 25 error, then you will need to replace the ECM/PGM FI unit. If you are still getting the FI light/code 25 then you will need a knock sensor, the cheaper of the 2 fixes but the least likely to cause the fault.

 Second method, and not so friendly on the bank account or your knuckles, is to start by purchasing a knock sensor. We have them in our store , starting at $80 depending on your model. Simply replace the knock sensor, clear the code, and see if it goes away when  you restart the jet ski. If the code gone, AWESOME! If not, you will need to purchase an ECM/PGM F1 as well. 

 These are a little pricey, starting at $785, but we have worked out the best deal possible to your jet ski up and running and for you to have enough cash left to ride.

Tech Tip

 Over the years we have taken hundreds of calls and emails regarding Code 25. It has been our experience that 9 times out of 10, it is in fact the ECM/PGM F1 unit. So beg, borrow, whatever you need to do, to swap out the ECM/PGM F1 unit before spending any money. You mioght just save yourself several hours of labor and $100. Just our 2 cent.

 We are here to help any and all of our customers troubleshoot their Honda Aquatrax problems. Please contact us via Email or phone.

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