How To Choose The Correct Bearing Size For Honda Aquatrax Watercraft

When rebuilding your Honda Aquatrax engine, choosing the correct bearing size could mean the difference between years of enjoyment or complete engine failure. We are going to go over the proper way to size your Honda Crankshaft Bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings, and Balancer Bearings.

 There are two ways to determine the correct bearings for your Honda Aquatrax PWC.

First: As you are removing the Crankshaft Bearings, you will notice a color swatch on the actual bearing. (See image below)

How to locate the Honda Aquatrax bearing color code

This color code will be used for the top and bottom bearings but may be different between each bearing location. Check each set of bearings as you remove them and make a note of their position so you can put them back in the same order as they were removed.

Second: Honda stamped the bearing color codes and position on the front of the Crankcase and on the crankshaft itself. (See images below)

This picture shows the location of the bearing support ID code.

Location of Honda Bearing COlor COde on the crankcase

Make a note of these letters, from left to right, and we’ll use the next image of the crankshaft to find the cross reference numbers so you can get the exact bearings designed for your specific engine.

This picture shows the location of main journal (Crankshaft Bearings).

How to read the ARX1200 bearing codes from the crankshaft

Make a note of the numbers and we are going to use the chart below to find the correct Honda bearings for your crankshaft.



Bearing Support ID →


Crankshaft OD Code






Pink (E)

Yellow (D)

Green (C)


Yellow (D)

Green (C)

Brown (B)


Green (C)

Brown (B)

Black (A)


FYI- The letters also correspond to the thickness of the bearings.

A (Black)    Thick
B (Brown):     ↑
C (Green):  Middle
D (Yellow)      ↓
E (Pink)       Thin

Now, take the numbers from the crankshaft and match them up to the letters on the crankcase in the order they are stamped.

For example:

Stamped on the crankcase(Support ID) are the following letters; C C B C B

Stamped on the crankshaft(OD Code) are the following numbers; 2 2 2 2 2

By looking at the chart above you can see that you will need the following bearing colors in order:

  1. BROWN
  2. BROWN
  3. GREEN
  4. BROWN
  5. GREEN

Now, if you have an ARX1200 version (R12,R12X,F12,F12X) you can go to the Crankshaft Bearings A,B,C,D,E products page and select the correct color and part number for your engine.

Balancer Bearings for the ARX1200 series are all color coded GREEN and are the same part as the GREEN crankshaft bearing. Go to Crankshaft Bearings A,B,C,D,E products page to source your balancer bearings. A complete rebuild requires 8 bearings for the balancer shafts.


How To Choose Your Honda Aquatrax Connecting Rod Bearings

When replacing your Connecting Rod Bearings or Crankpin Bearings as Honda likes to call them, it is vital to match your connecting rod bearings to your specific engine. Here is a note from Honda on the subject, “Do not interchange the bearing inserts. They must be installed in their original locations or the correct
bearing oil clearance may not be obtained, resulting in engine damage.”

This is pretty cut and dry. Put the correct bearings back where they belong or you may have severe engine damage. How do I know which is the correct bearing? Honda thoughtfully color coded these bearings just like they did the crankshaft bearings.

You’ll notice on the crankshaft that we had the top set of numbers circled for finding the crankshaft bearings. The lower set of numbers is used to find the appropriate connecting rod bearing, also called rod bearings.

In the image below you will see a side view of the connecting rod with numbers stamped into the rods themselves. Right these numbers down starting from the left connecting rod and working towards the right.


In the next picture, you will see the front of the crankshaft again with the lower numbers circled. Write these numbers down from left to right like you did with the connecting rods above.

Aquatrax connecting rod bearing color code location

Use the numbers you wrote down to cross reference the correct rod bearing using the chart below:

Connecting Rod

   ID Code →

Crankcase OD

Code ↓




Yellow (C)

Green (B)


Green (B)

Brown (A)


Again, these connecting rod bearings all have a different thickness.

A (Brown): Thick

B (Green):    ↨

C (Yellow): Thin

Now that you know the correct color code for your rod bearing, you can go to our Connecting Rod Bearing page and order the correct bearings.


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