Knowing where to locate the sensors on your Honda Aquatrax will save you tons of time and most likely a few scratched or bruised knuckles as well. Not only does our chart show you the exact location of all the Honda sensors used on your Aquatrax, it also shows you the manufacturer part name which makes finding replacement parts a whole lot easieHonda Aquatrax Sensor Locator r.

Click on the links below to take you to the sensor......

Turbo Map Sensor / TCP Sensor

Non Turbo Map Sensor 

ECT Sensor / Oil Temp Sensor 

ECM , PGM-FI Units

IAC Valve / Step Motor 

IAT Sensor Turbo

IAT Sensor Non Turbo 

MST Switch 

WasteGate control Valve 

Main Relay 

Oil Sensor 

Low Oil Pressure Switch

Knock Sensor Turbo

Knock Sensor Sensor Non Turbo

Voltage regulator rectifier